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Many of my works are painted in the form of commissions.

So it is not a problem for me to picture others imagination.
I can paint you the desired type or scene in the size you would like it. It's easier to commission a painting than you might think:

In case you would like to buy a painting from my gallery for yourself or for your company, please visit the page of my purchasable paintings.

The process of commissioning a painting


- At first you need to find out what kind of painting you want to hang on your wall. It may be a specific scene or, a general scene, a portrait of the desired machine. In this case it would be helpful to get a photo of the subject. Then it is important that every circumstance is taken into account: weather, terrain, heading, etc. Or you may leave the decisions to me...

-You also have to also decline about the size of the canvas. It can be either smaller e.g. 50x40cm/16"x 20" for home, or 100x70cm/39"x 27" for office and for a conference room, or as big as you like.

-When I have the information from you, I will quote you a price for the work. It varies not only according size but also to complexity.

- If everything is cleared, I will prepare a detailed sketch and send it to you for approval, asking you to note any changes you would like to make. Once the concept is clarified and finalized I will ask for 50% deposit before starting with the painting.

- When the work is near completion, I send you a photo for your final approval. It means that you can ask me to make small changes in the painting.

- Completion 4-5 weeks from receipt of your approval of preliminary drawing. Peak seasons may take 5-6 weeks.

-The remaining payment with the shipping cost is due at completion.

Here you can see the sketch I showed to the client and the result of this commission for painting a scene about Pearl Harbor.

I am sorry but I have no prints, but if you are interested in editing aviation art prints please contact me.

About my suspended sculptures

I can make also a suspended bird sculpture for you too. The way of commission and the price is similar to the paintings.
However a construction from the series Aeronautica/Aeronautilus with its 5 meter (16 feet) size will be in a different price category.;)

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