The Automobile Art of Robert Mascher

A pair of SAABs

80 x 60 oil on canvas

SAAB 900 turbo and SAAB JAS-39 Gripen

Nowadays besides the aircrafts I began to paint automobiles as well. I prepare the pictures with classic oil painting technique on canvas with the help of photos.

The Red Beetle

50 x 40 oil on canvas

Volkswagen 1300

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Dark 911

50 x 40 oil on canvas

My old favourite the Porsche 911.

The FavoriteMegane

50 x 40 oil on canvas

Renault Megane

Even during my study years at the Academy I pictured automobiles. For example I made illustrations for the book: Racing Cars.

Yellow Bug

50 x 40 oil on canvas

An another VW, for a collector inspired by the red :) .

I used to work with several graphic techniques, like pencil and air-brush. I still have my compressor equipment but nowadays I use it only for building aircraft models. My pictures are painted exclusively with traditional brush on canvas.

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